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Kawasaki-KCM loaders have a rich heritage of quality, technology and outstanding support.  The origins of Kawasaki-KCM loaders can be traced to 1962 when Kawasaki Heavy Industries built their first articulated wheel loader in Japan.  As one of the largest heavy industries in Japan Kawasaki provided a depth of engineering expertise that eventually made their wheel loader a major global player.  As they introduced the wheel loader into the North American market in 1978, they found a positive reception for a productive, high quality loader.  They established a solid support system built around an extensive, independent network of dealers that were committed to provide quality support along with quality equipment.  This strong dealer network has helped to propel the Kawasaki-KCM loader to a prominent market position in North America.

In 2010 KCM Corporation, using their vast technological resources, developed the Z7 series of wheel loaders to facilitate the Tier 4 emissions requirement.  This effort resulted in the most productive, reliable and cost effective product the company has ever produced, propelling KCM Corporation into a global leadership position in the wheel loader market today.

The commitment of KCMA Corporation to the North American market is significant.  Outstanding parts availability, an unmatched factory component exchange program, customer and dealer training programs, and a wide range of services and programs, provide outstanding support for the Kawasaki-KCM wheel loader.  With manufacturing facilities in the US and Japan, KCM has the experience and technology to design, engineer, manufacture, and service your next wheel loader. The KCM team is focused on wheel loaders.  Flexibility, responsiveness and ease of doing business are foundations of that commitment.

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Beard Equipment Co., Inc. is a Kawasaki-KCM authorized dealer, offering rentals, sales and maintenance on wheel loaders throughout Midland and Odessa TX.

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